WHAT’S IS 「KRASHE」 by 株式会社KURASHE, CEO/producer 木村正人



My sister is a copywriter and she gave ideas.
Main business ideas are,

・We would like to be the company supporting the life with IT.
・We would like to support moms who struggle with child-rasing.
・We would like to support women who can’t be back to society because children waiting for admission. (We introduce human resource and consult company-led nursery school and we will keep implementing.)
・We would like to manage daily “what we wish we had” with my knowledge×experiences×IT.
・We would like to provide busy business person “healing” and “efficiency” with O2 capsule.
・We would like to use “techniques” in the world, create the new tool with them, and activate world’s economy. 

…………and more,